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Perhaps drafting a will isn’t something that we want to think about. After all, a will is all about who gets our belongings after we die. Not exactly the most desirable of subjects. However, a will is one way that all our loved ones know exactly what our last wishes are. Having this information down in writing not only the proper distribution of belongings but what the individual wants when it comes to final burial preparations can help do away with disagreements and doubt that will come when the family must deal with our deaths. Let’s face it the shock will already be there, so having a will to know just what our final wishes are would be quite helpful in giving guidance dure a rough time.

Free Will Printing

Now for those saying they can’t afford an estate planning attorney, no need to worry. These days an individual doesn’t need an attorney to draft the will, they can do it themselves. Turns out there are websites online where wills can be downloaded for free.

Requirements to make the Will valid

Keep in mind though that under the law there are certain requirements that must be covered to make the will valid. These are as follows:

  • Must be 19 years or older
  • Will made under no duress
  • Person is a sound mind
  • The will is in writing
  • The will is signed in the presence of two witnesses

Further Will Information

Also, remember when creating the will it’s important to choose an executor whom you feel you can trust to uphold the wishes of the will itself. Also for parents of minor children, it’s important to put down who you wish to be the guardian of those kids.

The great thing about these websites is that these will go into the various things that will need to be taken into consideration at the time a will is drawn. Perhaps a will is something we don’t like to think about but it’s something each of us need.

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